Semi-trailer crashes into house

Rowena and Russell Grant come out of their home to see the damage caused by a semi-trailer as it crashed into the sound barrier wall along 1-95 about 1/2 mile south of the Hypoluxo exit. According to eyewitnesses, a blue Chevy Lumina heading northbound slammed on its brakes and lost control running into the trailer. The driver of the semi-trailer truck then lost control going off road and slamming into the wall. Two peoplein the Lumina were seriously injured and taken to Delray Community Hospital. (please check hospital) The driver of the truck and a dog suffered minor injuries. "I'm just thankful the driver of the truck got out okay. The sound was terrible, it sounded like a bomb and the whole house shook." said Rowena Grant, who has lived with her husband there for seven years.
Sun-Sentinel/HILDA M PEREZ
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