Who did these seating arrangements?

Sun Sentinel

The picture with the blog post below, written by my colleague, Larry Barszewski, was an attention grabber for followers of Fort Lauderdale politics in the last five or six years.

It's blown up above, though blurry, for your viewing pleasure.

Seated next to each other on the stage for Mayor Jack Seiler’s “State of the City Address” were former Mayor Jim Naugle and Commissioner Dean Trantalis.

To put it nicely, Naugle and Trantalis don’t have much use for each other.

They served together, back when Trantalis served his single previous term as a commissioner and didn’t run for re-election.

But Trantalis, who is the first and only openly gay commissioner Fort Lauderdale has had, was a leader in the movement that excoriated Naugle for his comments about gays. They came after Trantalis was a former commissioner, and acting as a citizen activist.

The movement that Trantalis helped lead was the “Flush Naugle” campaign, launched after Naugle made national news for comments many in the city’s gay community considered anti-gay. Naugle’s most incendiary comment in 2007 was that he preferred the term "homosexual" to "gay" because "most gays are unhappy."

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