Caribbean disturbance likely to be next storm

Sun Sentinel

A disturbance in the Central Caribbean likely will become the season’s next tropical depression or storm. The next named storm will be Sandy.

As of early Monday, the National Hurricane Center gave it a 80 percent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next two days.

For now, it is moving slowly west, but models predict it will make a sharp turn to the northeast by Wednesday and arrive over the southern Bahamas on Thursday, crossing Cuba along the way.

Whether it will bring rain and wind to Florida, it’s too soon to say. The current forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and a low chance of rain through the workweek.

The system could produce heavy rains over Jamaica, Cuba and Hispaniola over the next few days and trigger dangerous mudslides in mountainous areas.

The National Hurricane Center also is monitoring a disturbance in the Central Atlantic, saying it has a medium chance to develop. That system is unlikely to threaten Florida.


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