Sunshine on the cinematic soul

Every once in a while a film comes along that speaks to your soul. It reminds you to fight for what’s really important to you in life. It makes you realize nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough. You’ll find that journey in The Odd Life of Timothy Green. The film centers around Jim and Cindy Green, a happily married couple whose infertility issues lead them to create a box filled with wishes describing what their perfect child would be like. They plant the box in their garden and much to their surprise, an adorable little boy literally sprouts in the garden from their love. While the couple learns to cherish their miracle, they experience a sense of closeness and joy they never felt before.

Set in scenic Atlanta, the nature-based imagery in the film is a kaleidoscope of beauty for the senses with endless leaf and floral images as the film moves from autumn to winter. While the film is never short on Disney magic with special effects, it’s also deeply rooted inreal-life struggles such as economic woes, reproductive problems, sibling rivalry, relationship challenges, bullying and acceptance.

“I fell so in love with this story. There are so many mistakes I made as a first time mom and watching Cindy go through that was incredible,” Jennifer Garner said during our Aug. 13 interview in Miami. “This is a life affirming film. When you leave you should be filled with love and think about the film for a few days.”

Sporting a dainty dress and Christian Louboutin heels, the 40-year-old actress had an ethereal glow as she talked about her latest film. “I think any first time mom can relate to Cindy Green. We all just need to back off and let our kids be who they are,” Garner said.

Peter Hedges, who is the Academy Award–nominated director and writer behind the inspiring 1993 film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, did a mesmerizing job bringing the small fictional town of Stanleyville to life with a vibrant cast which includes Garner’s on-screen husband Joel Edgerton and the charming Timothy, played by CJ Adams.

Playing such a moving motherly role also affected the real life mom of three. “The movie reminded me to love my kids as they are," Garner added. "Family is messy and you love each other. Peter Hedges really nailed some things about parenting in this film that has never been done before.”

The Odd Life of Timothy Green opens in theaters nationwide Aug. 15.


For the the full interview with Jennifer Garner, pick up South Florida Parenting magazine Sept. 1.

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