TaxWatch pinpoints Broward, PB budget 'turkeys' for vetoes

TALLAHASSEE -- The business-backed fiscal watchdog Florida TaxWatch pinpointed 107 projects in the state budget that it's urging Gov. Rick Scott to veto because they were slipped into the budget at the last minute or directly benefit one specific company.

The list makes up $106.8 million of the $74.5 billion budget.

The projects are part of the group's annual "Turkey List" that is released just before the governor is slated to sign the budget.  Scott has been urging different groups to make their case why their projects need state funding or else, face his veto pen.

Robert Weissert, vice president for research at TaxWatch, noted that the projects made up a small percentage of the budget, but that they still deserved to be highlighted.

"This is more than $100 million in taxpayer funds that could have been used for other government priorities," he said.

Making the list are three projects from Broward and five for Palm Beach County.

They include:

* $500,000 for a transportation hub facility at State Road 7 and Oakland Park Blvd

 *$484,000 for road improvements to  NW 21st ST Roadway in Lauderdale Lakes

* $500,000 for the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center

* $ $6.5 million for a multipurpose classroom at Palm Beach State College

* $1.23 million for Place of Hope at the Haven campus

* $450,000 for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's mental health initiative

* $100,000 for Scripps Research Institute's Nicotine Addiction Drug Treatment program

* $1 million for Glades Area Street resurfacing in Belle Glade


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