The ultimate indulgence: Barton G.

There¿s a handful of local restaurants with over the top food presentations and then there's Barton G., a Wonka-like eatery in a universe all its own. From appetizers such as the Popcorn Shrimp, which is served with a carton of movie popcorn and Lobster Poptarts to entrees including One Potato, Two Potato Salmon and Tango Time Skirt Steak, eating at Barton G., isn't just a meal, it's a total mind, spirit and body experience. Even the side dishes such as Lobster tater tots becoming a main attraction. While the cocktail menu offers up whimsical, one of a kind martinis from the Below Zero Nitrogen Bar, the desserts are equally as enchanting. The Big Top Cotton Candy will satisfy your inner child with carousel that comes to the table and the Give Me S'mores will take you to this wonderful, gooey place where campfires never burn out and a marshmallow can be bigger than your head. It'll leave you truly wondering if you shrank or really just became a little kid again.
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