Ask a real estate pro: Seller wants to delay home closing

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Q: We are under contract to buy a home. We have our loan approved, and the closing is in about two weeks. The sellers just dropped a bombshell on us that the home they are moving into won’t be ready for another month, so they want to push back our closing date. We really want this house. What should we do? – Andrew

A: The first thing to do is check your contract to see if it contains any contingency related to this. Your contract should address any conditions that may reasonably occur, so that you will know in advance what is supposed to happen – before it ever becomes a crisis.

If your contract says nothing about this, you and the seller are both in precarious positions because the seller probably needs the proceeds from this sale to buy the new house. If you really want this house, be as accommodating as possible.

Many home loans are time-sensitive, so you will need to check with your loan officer to see if the loan can be extended without losing your interest rate or the ability to close. If there is any charge or expense for this, ask the seller to cover it.

If your loan closing date is not flexible, you may need to consider a post-occupancy agreement with your seller. In that scenario, you would close on the house and allow the seller to remain (while paying you rent) for a certain period of time. The agreement would need to clearly spell out what happens if there’s damage to the property. Generally, though, it’s best to avoid post-occupancy agreements.

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