Sheriff amends gift report, reveals $800 Trump tickets from Pereira

The public now knows how Sheriff Scott Israel rang in the New Year, shortly before he was sworn in to office.

He was at a party thrown by Donald Trump, in Palm Beach County, at the $400-a-seat table of a campaign supporter, Robert Pereira.

The sheriff-elect was required to report gifts, but left the two tickets worth $800 off his gift disclosure. In August, after the media reported that Pereira took the sheriff and his family on a five-day cruise on his $35 million yacht -- for which Israel only paid $300 per person -- Israel went back and amended the earlier gift disclosure.

Click here to see the disclosure from the first quarter, which simply lists "New Year's tickets.''

Click here to see the original disclosure he had filed.

Israel said Trump was at the party, which was held at a location he could not recall.

"I said hello to him. I didn’t sit with him,'' Israel said.

Pereira is the founder of The Middlesex Corporation, a construction company out of Massachussetts. He also had ownership interest in a nude club. (Click here for a memory refresher on his background.) He put $245,000 into Israel's campaign, even though he was a Republican and Israel's a Democrat (but former Republican). Pereira switched to no-party-affiliation shortly after the November election.

A state ethics complaint was filed concerning the yacht trip. (Click here and here for past stories about this cruise.)

 The sheriff and his general counsel Ron Gunzburger said they went back and reviewed the time period in question and called state ethics officials to determine how to handle the undisclosed gift. They told him to simply file an amendment.

"We realized the omission upon re-reviewing everything from Day One,'' Gunzburger said in an email to the Sun Sentinel.

 The sheriff filed earlier this month his gift disclosure for the second quarter. Click here to read it.

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