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Best Kept Secrets

This year's Best Kept Secrets take readers to undiscovered fun in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Here are the six choices for Best Kept Secrets 2005 in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties:

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  • Little perks for little customers

    Let's face it; taking the whole family out to dine is pretty pricey -- even if it's just for a cup of coffee. Take heart, you don't need to go off the beaten path to satisfy everyone -- just off the menu.

  • A quad like no other

    "Can we please, please, please go to the library today?" If there's one sure kid-pleaser in our family it's an afternoon out in downtown West Palm Beach. We start with the library, but our afternoon also includes time in the fountain play area, take-out pizza at outdoor picnic tables, and homemade...

  • Now that's the way to see a movie

    Your cell phone is turned off and the previews for upcoming kids' movies are already flashing across the screen as you dig into your deep dish of pasta. No you're not eating take-out on TV trays in your living room. You're at a movie theater. Forget the overly-buttered popcorn. At the inviting...

  • A day in Paradise (and a little alligator wrestling, too)

    Whimsical structures and funky colors give Seminole Paradise at the Hard Rock Hotel a touristy feel similar to Downtown Disney. Although many parents overlook the complex because of a major marketing effort to promote the casino and concert venue, Paradise offers many kid-friendly activities to...

  • The genius of Genius Jones

    If there were a typical baby store, Genius Jones would not be it. This high-end designer baby store was started by husband and wife Daniel Kron and Geane Brito on Miami Beach after their daughter Isador was born. "We wanted to bring our sense of design into our life with children and we felt that...

  • The work of elves

    There are many similarities between elves and children: Both are short, love holidays, adore Santa and run on sugar. Santa's Workshop in Pembroke Pines receives a Judges' Choice Award for recognizing and celebrating those similarities.

  • Walk with ghostly footsteps

    Tucked and hidden among the high-rise condos in North Miami lies Arch Creek Park. A secret to many, the park's defining feature is natural limestone bridge that spans Arch Creek. Used by ancient Tequesta Indians, then Seminoles, then pioneering Miamians, the bridge was considered one of the great...