Public concerned about the cost of the new police department headquarters

Sun Sentinel

At the last commission meeting, the Boynton Beach city commission unanimously voted to approve staff’s recommendation to move forward with building an up to $30 million new police department facility on High Ridge Road.

Although residents say that the police headquarters located in the City Hall complex at 100 East Boynton Beach Blvd., is not adequate for the department, residents are not convinced that it’s the best option for their wallets.

Alex Saltez of Boynton said at a May 7 meeting that talk of a new police department has been kicked around for 15 years and the city should have been saving for it, rather than raising taxes.

”This [idea] has been kicked around so much already that someone has got to stop talking about we have to put out for new funds,” Saltez said.

Kevin Mackey of Boynton Beach said in an e-mail that the city’s unanimous decision reflects a “lack of fiscal responsibility” and a “lack of concern for the financial impact on the residents of Boynton Beach.”

Mackey also points out that it would be better to rennovate the existing location for a much smaller fee and sell the land by High Ridge Road to make a profit.

Boynton Beach has a current mileage rate of 22.6836, while Boca Raton has a rate of 19.8047 and Delray has a rate of 22.8869, according to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s office.

“The taxpayers of Boynton aren’t getting what they paid for,” Mackey said.

Commissioner Joe Casello said that he understood Mackey’s concerns and plans to meet with Mackey to discuss some discrepancies in numbers.

“As your District IV City Commissioner I would like to extend an invitation to sit down with you to
clarify the cities options for a new police station,” Casello wrote in an e-mail to Mackey.

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