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NCAA president acknowledges 'enormous foul-ups' in UM case

South Florida Sun Sentinel

CORAL GABLES — A Thursday afternoon news conference at the Final Four isn't always must-see TV. Not so when NCAA president Mark Emmert took the mic in Atlanta.

ESPN went live with his contentious meeting with the sporting press this afternoon. The embattled Emmert took questions of all types — several on the topic of an unflattering USA Today story published Wednesday.

But, with the Miami case still generating headlines, the semi-botched investigation was addressed.

"The issue around enforcement is predominantly the issue of Miami," Emmert said. "We can talk about Miami if you want to, of course. But the Miami issue had some enormous foul-ups in it. We've acknowledged that. We've addressed those issues. The enforcement staff and all the people that work in enforcement are continuing to do their jobs, and they do a terrific one."

Later, he touched on the case involving the Nevin Shapiro scandal in a glancing blow.

"The Miami case is obviously a significant blow to the confidence people have in enforcement, and we've worked very, very hard to be as open and frank about that case," Emmert said. "We've dealt with it directly. If we have to change, continue to change, the culture of enforcement, that's certainly on me and something I'm working hard on."

Miami is reportedly asking for all charges in the case to be dropped after the NCAA said 20 percent of the evidence was tainted and thrown out. The school, hit with charges it lacked institutional control, face a hearing with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions this summer.

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