Chan Lowe: Marco Rubio vs. Obamacare

I used to have a lot more respect for Marco Rubio. I viewed him as an example of a skillful young pol who, through adept political maneuvering, was heading straight for the top.


Lately, young Marco has shown himself to be the Incredible Shrinking Presidential Candidate. His so-called “moderate” stance on immigration created ideological purity problems for him with his base, so he double-crossed his own legislation to get himself back in their good graces. Lately, he’s taken to gay bashing with the social conservatives — pretty tone-deaf, considering the general public has already moved on regarding this topic.


Clearly, Marco’s flailing. If you want proof, let’s examine his latest attack on Obamacare. He’s introducing a bill in the Senate to require background checks on ACA “navigators,” the idea being that they can’t be trusted with the ID stats of the would-be health insurance customers they’re supposed to help — that is, if these customers could even log on to the system, but that’s a separate issue.


Here’s why Marco’s latest initiative is a cynical move: The Florida Legislature, in one of its several pieces of legislation designed to make it as difficult as possible for Obamacare to succeed, already passed a law requiring background checks for navigators.


Since it’s no longer an issue in his home state, this means that Marco is either introducing his bill out of the kindness of his heart for states that don’t already have the requirement, or he’s just polishing his cred with the craz— excuse me, the most committed 2016 Republican presidential primary voters.


Here’s Marco’s problem: No matter how much pandering he may do between now and then, primary voters still have noses — and they can smell a rank opportunist coming all the way from Miami.





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