Marching backwards

I thought women had won the fight over their reproductive rights years ago with the ‘new’ birth control pill of the 60s, followed by Wade vs. Roe.

However, with the current controversy raging over the morning after pill, or “Plan B,” as it’s called, it looks like some are trying to turn the clock backwards.

The controversy erupted after a New York district judge ordered the FDA to make the emergency contraception available to females of any age, without a prescription.  Prior to that, the FDA ruled the Plan B One-Step pill should only be available to females age 15 and older, and they needed a prescription.  Meantime, the Justice Department has filed a notice saying it will appeal the judge’s ruling. As usual, the Obama Administration is waffling of this important issue.

The controversy is grist for the mill for all the TV ‘talking heads,’ who are making a federal case (no pun intended) out of it.

As a liberated female of the 60s who fought for women’s rights, the advent of the birth pill broke the chains of slavery for many of us, and gave women the opportunity to decide their own fate.

The morning after pill is just one more step towards freedom for women – no matter what age. Truth is – teens are going to have unprotected sex, something that’s been going on since Adam and Eve. Yes, it’s better if they wait or use protection, but it’s not always likely to work out that way.

You would think pro-life advocates would welcome the ‘pill,’ which would result in fewer abortions.  But, apparently not. They are stridently against it,  especially for teens – exactly the people who need it most.

Their argument is that parents should have the right to make the choice.  But it’s not the parents who are having the unwanted pregnancy. And parents, for religious reasons or whatever, often force the teen to deliver the child.

I believe if a female is old enough to engage in sex, she’s old enough to decide what to do about an unwanted pregnancy.

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