Actor John Corbett revs up his engine for a great cause

Actor John Corbett is known by millions of fans around the globe for his roles as Aiden in “Sex and The City” and Ian in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the good-hearted star is also famous for giving back to some important charitable causes.

The Kiehl’s store on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach July 13 was converted into a whimsical pop-up picnic spot complete with boxed lunches by Fox’s "Hell’s Kitchen" contestant Robyn Almodovar and an appearance by former "Miami Ink" star and tattoo icon Ami James.

Corbett was part of a multi-day motorcycle ride for Kiehl’s LifeRide, which ends in Virginia on July 21. AmFar collected $115,000 at the Miami event and Commissioner Michael Góngora added an extra honor to the event with an official proclamation designating July 13th as “Kiehl’s Day.”

Corbett, who is a longtime motorcycle rider, was thrilled to be part of the charity ride. “It’s a big commitment when they call and say they want you to do a 10-day ride,” said Corbett, who participates in a Parkinson’s motorcycle ride each March in Phoenix for Muhammad Ali. “You’re riding motorcycles for 1,800 miles. I’m at that place where I’m trying to say yes to things that normally I would say ‘Oh, it’s too far. It’s Miami or D.C. and I live in Santa Barbara and it takes too much time. There’s a million reasons why you can’t make something but I thought about it and said ‘You know what, I’m jumping in’ and I’m so glad I did.”

Corbett, who released a self-titled Southern rock album in 2006, has been back in the studio working on his new album. “My band took the summer off, which is another reason I can do things like this,” Corbett explained. “I just made another album and it’s being mixed in Nashville right now. It’s so good. My buddy Jon Randall produced it, who produced Dierks Bentley’s last record and Jon’s a great singer songwriter. He wrote ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ for Brad Paisley.”

While Corbett continues to take on acting roles, music and the freedom it brings, remains his passion. “With my music, I have more control. When you work on a movie, they tell you ‘Put this shirt on, stand here, cut your hair. The beard has to go. You know?” he said. “When you’re in charge on stage, you can do whatever you want really as long as you try to make the people happy who have paid money to come see you.

He also has an indie film, Kiss Me, in the works with Survivor host Jeff Probst. “I have one movie we’re hoping to get into Sundance that Jeff Probst directed,” Corbett mentioned. “ It’s so good. It was his second movie. He’s really an amazing director. I think he’s going to be a really big director one day. Hollywood should give him a shot because I’ve worked with a lot of cats over the years and he’s in my top five of guys that really know what they’re doing.”

Keeping his acting portfolio diverse taking on roles such as quirky TV series from “Northern Exposure” to “United States of Tara,” Corbett is pleased with his unique fan base.  

“Running into fans, they have some favorites. I have some younger fans now too,” Corbett smiled. “A couple years ago I did Ramona and Beezus and I play the dad of Selena Gomez. And I have those fans now. So little kids come up to me and their moms know me so I’ve got the ‘Northern Exposure’ fans from 20 years ago and then the ‘Big Fat Greek’ Wedding fans, ‘Sex and the City’ fans and now I’ve got the little ones. It’s a nice place to be.”

Corbett loves Kiehl's!

“My favorite product from Kiehl’s is the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. It’s great right after you shave. It’s like an intense blue witch hazel. I don’t think I’ve shaved in the last 15 years without splashing that on.”

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