Deputies: Man busted for gun threats in road rage incident in Keys on Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve is supposed to be a silent night.

But not on Big Pine Key.

Two vehicles, a Dodge Challenger and a BMW convertible, were travelling on Big Pine Key when the driver of the Challenger told deputies that the driver of the BMW, Travis Low Wolfe, was driving slowly and wouldn’t let him pass, according to a news release from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

The two drivers then began yelling at each other and Wolfe allegedly showed the other driver a handgun.

The occupants of both vehicles then called 911.

Wolfe allegedly 'fessed up to showing the handgun to the other driver and said he did it because he was afraid and felt threatened.

Wolfe, 42, from Bonneau, South Carolina, was arrested and charged with pulling a gun during a road rage incident.

Wolfe and his wife had been staying at a home on Narcissus Avenue on Big Pine Key.

Two handguns were fouond in the car driven by Wolfe; one – a Ruger .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun - belonged to Wolfe and was in the glove compartment; the other -  a five-shot Smith and Wesson revolver - belonged to his wife and was found beneath a pile of towels on the rear floorboards, the release stated.

It looks like he won't be staying in a room with a view during his Keys holiday getaway, which just got more expensive

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