Big Cypress: Museum in 'Glades lets you meet the tribe

Big Cypress: About an hour west of Fort Lauderdale, the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum introduces you to the Seminole people and how they lived in the Everglades in the late 1800s. This is a first-rate museum. Its beautiful exhibits bring Seminole customs and history to life; the opening multi-screen media presentation is inspiring as well as informative. But the area outside the museum is just as impressive. The museum is adjacent to a magnificant cypress swamp, through which winds a mile-and-a-half boardwalk that is one of the most beautiful nature trails you'll find in the Everglades. Along the trail are stations where members of the Seminole tribe demonstrate traditional arts and crafts. -- Bonnie Gross For more information, visit the the Seminole Tribe's site.
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