Vero Beach: McLarty Treasure Museum

You've heard the Vero Beach area called the Treasure Coast; here's a museum that tells you how it got that name. It's a small museum with a small admission -- $1. If you keep your expectations similarly modest, it can be a rewarding stop. Located within Sebastian Inlet State Park, the museum tells the story of the Spanish ships that hauled New World gold and silver back to Spain. In 1715, a hurricane sank the fleet, spilling the valuable cargo on the ocean floor and stranding 1,500 survivors in the wilderness that is now home to the museum. During the 20th century, these wrecks were discovered and many items recovered. The museum displays artifacts, a diorama of the Spanish fleet and offers a video. While visiting Sebastian Inlet State Park, don't miss a walk out on the fishing jetty, where you watch fishermen reeling in catches and, on most days, surfers riding the waves. For more information, visist the park's site.
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