FloriDUH's Ghosts of Halloween Past



It's Halloween.

So BOLO for witches, monsters, zombies, werewolves, vampires, bats and mummies.

And take extra caution when encountering the most scary of trick-or-treaters -- Floridians with bats in the belfry.

Not convinced?

Then check out FloriDUH's Ghosts of Halloweens Past.

Altamonte Springs: Report: School officer dressed as a gynecologist named Dr. Harry Beaver at school for Halloween

Collier County: Scary mom accused of child neglect, drunken Halloween

Jacksonville: Woman faked pregnancy — then miscarriage with fake halloween blood

Cherry Hill, NJ: Maryland cops: Florida man in diapers took it too far on Halloween

Apopka: Halloween display or racial affront?

Port Charlotte's House of Horrors: Mom left kids, great-granny in filth; traveled to Orlando Halloween event, deputies say

East Naples: Smashing pumpkin vandals terrorize hood | Video

Gainesville: Blackface costume leads to questions at UF fraternity

Palm Coast: Trio stabbed during Halloween party, deputies say

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