Deputies: Woman set fire to neighbor's apartment while he was jailed


Debra Louise Daines apparently didn't like living next door to a partcular neighbor.

So she decised a little plan to get him to move.

But it went up in flames.

On Tuesday Fire and Rescue Units, along with deputies, responded to a fire with gray smoke billowing from the roof of a Spring Hill home, according to a news release from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Once inside the unoccupied home, firefighters quickly determined that the origin of the fire was suspicious.

As deputies interviewed neighbors, including Debra Louise Daines, who lived next door the the burned dwelling, she stated that she hadn't seen anyone or anything suspicious, but that she had been in the home earlier that day helping the landlord with the fire extinguisher, the release stated.

The deputy noted in his report that Daines, who was slurring her speech and smelled of booze,  appeared to be under the influence.

When the deputy then contacted the landlord, he stated that he had been at the home the previous week, not earlier that day. The landlord also told deputies that his tenant, Donald Thayer, was currently in the pokey, his home for the last three months, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Two days later, while conducting an unrelated investigation, Daines allegedly told another deputy that she had set the fire to home.

Later, Post Miranda, while being interviewed in a district office of the sheriff's department, Daines 'fessed up to setting the the fire by placing a lit wick from a camping lantern underneath a sleeping bag near the back porch, according to the report.

The fire then spread into the kitchen.

Daines allegedly stated that she set the fire because she knew that Thayer was going to be
getting out of the slammer soon and she did not want him moving back in next door to her.

The 54-year-old Spring Hill woman is charged with Arson to an Occupied Dwelling.

According to inmate records, Daines neighbor, Thayer, was arrested in May and charged with Dealing in Stolen property, Posession of a Weapon and Resisting a LEO.

Now they're neighbors once again -- in the county jail.

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