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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey, best known as Dr. 90210, is in the business of making people beautiful but now he wants everyone to feel as good as he can make them look. Rey, who is in the midst of recording a third reality series centering on his busy life, penned the book Body By Rey to reveal work out tips, essential foods for weight loss and how you can sculpt your body without going under the knife. “I was very frustrated with women coming to me asking for expensive surgeries when they were simply eating all the wrong foods,” Rey says. “I studied diets and realized while they may work for a couple of weeks, all diets fail except the diet of our ancestors. We need to follow the diet of hunters and gatherers.” Rey spent a summer in Israel studying animals and plants and foods that were eaten in the Bible.

“Moses didn’t have wheat or corn. He ate manna,” Rey explains. “I sat down and wrote a book as a Harvard graduate, a chemist and a surgeon. We have to eat every three hours and avoid corn, wheat, soy, peanuts and potatoes. They create a chemical called lectin and it overwhelms the immune system causing heart disease, diabetes, infertility and high blood pressure.” Rey also spent time with an African tribe who still eats off the land as they did hundreds of years ago and they are free from diseases of modern man, which include diabetes and heart disease. “Soy is a phytoestrogen and men should never be eating soy or cabbage or drink from plastic bottles,” Rey adds. “Modern men are losing interest in women and it’s not an accident that every third commercial on TV is for Viagra or Cialis. We’re all so seeing more boys developing a microphallus and when was the last time you walked on an American beach and saw a man without breasts?” In his book Rey explains how ancient foods eaten by Aztec warriors can improve your life and your health.

“My face is young, I have constant energy and I’m always chasing my wife,” Rey says. “I also offer supplements and reveal how you can exercise for 30 minutes or less and still be strong.” While Rey still performs hundreds of plastic surgeries, he also offers a quick fix for women who don’t have the money or time to get a more permanent solution to body bulge.

“The Dr. Rey Shapewear Collection is available at Sears stores and Sears.com and it gives women the appearance of losing two to three sizes instantly,” Rey mentions. “It’s very inexpensive and we have 53 different pieces including bras, corsets, leggings and even sleep bras. Women’s breasts slide into their armpits at night and get lower and lower each day. The sleep bra keeps everything in place.” Join Dr. Robert Rey 3-7 p.m. Saturday April 28 for a free meet and greet at Seminole Casino Hollywood, 4150 N. State Road 7 in Hollywood. Call 954-961-3220. At 7 p.m. he’ll also have a drawing for $25,000 cash plus a trip to Beverly Hills. Visit Seminolehollywoodcasino.com for details. For more on Rey’s book, visit Bodybyrey.com.


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