Youngest generation the best savers, boomers not so bad

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Most are saving more than even a year ago -- nearly seven out of10 -- but some generations do better at managing their finances, according to an analysis by

The best with money are the youngest, the so-called Generation Z/Millennials, born 1995 and after, the research found. They're expected to be the best at managing money.

They "have seen how the ups and downs of several recessions have affected their parents and grandparents," according to

The website quoted a survey by TD Ameritrade that found Gen Z has a "high understanding of today’s financial and economic realities."

GoBankingRates' investigation found that while Baby Boomers have their share of money issues, those born between 1945 to 1964 still do better at saving than their children.

"It is Generations X (born between 1967-1982)  and Y (1983-1994) who struggle most with saving money," the survey found.

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