Pyure Aveda Salon infuses tranquility with cutting edge techniques

Pyure Aveda Salon is rooted in a one-of-a-kind experience to relax, rejuvenate and celebrate your strands. With locations in Wellington, Boynton Beach and Coconut Creek, Salon Pyure consists of Aveda lifestyle salons dedicated to doing hair. Owned by hair experts Luca Boccia and Elan Levy, each location of Salon Pyure offers clients everything from haircuts and color to straightening, extensions and more.

“For me, this salon experience is always about making people feel better than when they came in,” Levy said. “I want them to feel lifted—even more confident and beautiful. It’s always been about elevating people.”

As Manager of Operations for  Pyure Aveda Salon, Luca’s wife, Christine Boccia, is dedicated to ensuring their clientele is getting a spa-like experience from the moment they walk through the salon’s doors. Each guest is offered Aveda’s calming tea and taken to the shampoo room for a 15-minute scalp massage unlike any other.

“The scalp treatment is done with two different shampoos. One is a vigorous cleansing shampoo. A massage technique is used to map out the head and they know which pressure points need to be addressed,” Boccia said. “The second shampoo is a relaxing formula that really creates a tranquil vibe. You can feel somebody’s tension in their scalp. You have to take that extra time to help release the tension of the outside world.”

After your massage, the guest then embarks on an aromatherapy journey, which involves Blue Oil--a signature piece of Aveda’s line. “I call it the healthy Red Bull,” Boccia explained. “It’s a peppermint oil with vanilla extract. It’s calming and invigorating at the same time to create the yin and the yang. A hot towel is then placed over the head and the eyes of the guest and the guest is given a hand and arm massage. It’s very relaxing.”

Pyure Aveda Salon's staff is extensively trained in the shampoo room techniques and is required to attend weekly workshops and maintain constant education in the world of hair design.

“We’re always learning and keeping our staff engaged in the latest techniques,” Levy added. “We try different treatments and services and only keep whatever we feel is the best for our guests. Our service menu is focused on hair and it’s something that really works well for us.”

In addition to makeup services,  Pyure Aveda Salon also offers bridal hair, special occasion hair and prom hair. “Our team is very well trained in special occasion hair. We keep our team up on the trends. When something is trending you have to be aware,” Boccia said. “When we’re doing hair, color or makeup, it has to be aligned with the trends. It’s all connected.”

While big, teased Texas-style strands are out right now, the current hair trend is a nod to spring pastels. “Pastel pinks, blues, light greens and lavender colors are a strong trend for hair color right now but not the whole head. It’s more like a peek-a-boo hint of color,” Boccia said.

At the end of the day, for Boccia, it’s all about customer satisfaction. “I love the a-ha and wow factor you can give to people,” she added. “There’s nothing better than making a connection with somebody and elevating their day. It’s the little touches that make all the difference.”

Pyure Aveda Salon is located at 4407 Lyons Road in Coconut Creek. There are additional locations in Wellington and Boynton Beach. Call 954-580-4500 or visit


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