How to get over the one who got away

Everyone has that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is hard to let go of.

Break-ups, especially when recent, are so hard to get over. Cosmopolitan magazine provided four tips to help move away from heartbreak, and toward a fresh start:

Follow the 30-minute rule. Cosmo recommends that when you want to call an ex, the urge is usually out of loneliness or boredom. Distract yourself for at least 30 minutes and chances are you'll be less interested in ringing up your ex once you get your mind involved with something else. It also gives you time to reconsider the desire to reconnect.

Identify your triggers. Determine what makes you think about your ex — and then do your best to prevent these triggers. If stalking his or her Facebook page is a guaranteed path toward you feeling sad, how about blocking the site for a while? Same goes for visiting "your" restaurant, or playing songs that rekindle bittersweet memories.

Dial up your chattiest friend. One of the best and easiest ways to get distracted is to talk someone else. In order to prevent simply venting about your feelings, make sure to call a pal who always has plenty to say — so that your breakup isn't the only thing the two of you talk about.

Make a list. A good way to pick yourself up when you're feeling down about a breakup is to brainstorm the top three reasons you are better off without your ex. If you can think of 10, all the better. This helps you think realistically and see the whole picture. And if you're stuck, call a close friend: No doubt she or he can provide plenty of reasons.

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