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In this day and age, why remain local? While other organizations and associations may be discussing the benefits of regionalizing, after serious consideration, conversations with other organizations, and assessing the needs of our members and the Chamber overall, remaining local will give us the ability to continue to offer personalized assistance, offer valuable networking opportunities, referrals, liaison services to you with the Town, a strong presence with our legislators − all while "Making Manchester a Better Place to Live, Work and do Business."

Regionalizing may make sense from a cost and administrative standpoint for some Chambers, but as a thriving Chamber, remaining local for our members means offering the benefit of one-on-one, personalized assistance and supporting and investing in our local businesses who have invested their lives and interests in our community's long term growth and well-being.

The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce was ranked 6th largest Chamber in the state! We are proud that we have accomplished this all while remaining local. We have seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years and have evolved with our businesses to not only remain relevant but to be strong leaders in the Eastern Region by offering new and innovative programs and services for our members.

You have numerous options to be a part of a regional organization for your business, from the associations geared around your specific industry to the Connecticut Business Industry Association, but what are your options when it comes to a local, business association that will go to bat for you right in your home town? Especially for our smaller businesses who may not be able to afford their own lobbyist, marketing firm, advertising agency, event planner, business liaison, and all around supporter? That is where your local Chamber of Commerce comes in. We do it all!

Bigger is not always better. Growing a Chamber is hard work and we accomplish this one business at a time. The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce believes in every one of our businesses, whether your business is right in Manchester or in the surrounding areas, you will receive the specialized, tailored service each and every one of you deserves that we have always provided. That is what sets us apart.

So when your looking for an organization that believes in strengthening the communities they serve and doing what's best for business, there is no need to look any further than the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Your choice for tailored, personalized, LOCAL services.

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