Tie-dye fun at Enfield library

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Children ages 4 and up gathered at the Enfield Public Library on July 30 for a special "Tie-Dye" event that was part of the summer reading program, Fizz Boom Read!

Kristin Raiche and Joan Duggan, the children's librarians, along with program coordinator Lisa Ellis, led the kids outside of the library onto the grass to explain what to do with the white article of clothing they were told to bring in preparation for the project. Raiche handed out rubber bands and explained to the kids how they could twist and fold their t-shirts into different shapes and then fasten rubber bands tightly around them.

Each bucket on the lawn outside held a different dye, ranging from dark purple to bright yellow. Each child took his or her bound piece of clothing and dipped parts of their shirts in any combination of colors. Raiche told the kids to wring out the shirts as well as possible before heading off to a different color. "Make sure to wash your shirts in cold water when you get home, to prevent bleeding," Raiche said.

Joseph, from Enfield, brought his socks to dye, and a team of three cousins from Enfield and Suffield came armed with their shirts already set in a specific star shape to get the traditional spiral for which tie-dye shirts are known. "You want to get the dye into the creases so not a lot of white is seen, and also make sure you get a good twist in the middle," said Abby, from Suffield. The girls have done this program for the last three years, and even took a class in their school where they learned a few tricks.

Karie Madigan, of East Windsor, came with her three children and raved about not only the tie-dye event, but the library itself. "We love that the library in Enfield has so many programs that involve all ages," Madigan said.

The library's summer programming continues with the Fire and Ice Summer Reading Finale on Thursday, Aug. 14, when you can bring a blanket and picnic lunch at noon for a show of sizzling scissors, bubbly showers and other experiments.

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