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TV review: 'Workaholics' takes a wild Season 3 trip

Three seasons in, you’d think the lovable stoner bros from Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” would have defiled every pillar of professionalism at TeleAmericorp, not to mention done every drug there is.

Oops, they’ve never taken a business trip—or dropped acid—which makes the Season 3 premiere, “The Business Trip” (9:30 p.m. May 29, Comedy Central; 3 stars), a delightfully hallucinatory binge of laughter.

As the episode begins, Adam, Blake and Ders (stars and creators Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Evanston native Anders Holm) are acid-proofing their house for their big trip when Ders gets the call from their boss, Alice (Second City alum Maribeth Monroe) that he must accompany her to a business convention. That doesn’t sit well with Adam and Blake, who try to stop Ders from leaving the house only to be zapped by perimeter shock collars they’ve donned “because the house is acid proof, but the world … is not acid proof.”

The business/acid trip evolves (dissolves?) into a series of mishaps involving Jello, God, a hotel ice machine and my favorite of many hilarious lines, “I think she said, ‘I want you to eat my pudding.’”

Welcome to another 10 episodes of drug-soaked, sex-fueled, juvenile and often scatological humor delivered so shamelessly you can’t help but laugh.

The TeleAmericorp bros might not be professional, but the “Workaholics” cast members are pros.


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