Winner: Olivia Seagraves, Rockit (River North)

If there's one word that defines Rockit server Olivia Seagraves' response to being chosen as Chicago's Hottest Female Server, it's flattered. "I was really flattered by first Rockit saying they wanted to nominate me," says the River North resident, a 22-year-old psychology student at UIC. "And then I was really flattered by you guys choosing me as one of the top [8 women]. And then each round I was like, `Wow, I'm on to the next round!' And now it's like, `Wow, I won!' I just feel flattered about it all. It's really cool." What would be a fitting way to honor your victory? Just letting people know that the winner of the Hottest Server in Chicago contest is working at Rockit. I think a party is fitting! I think that's what needs to be done. [Laughs] What's something you would be glad to have happen as a result of being named Chicago's Hottest Female Server? If people did come in [to Rockit] because of that, definitely. Or if somebody recognizes me because of that, that would be cool. But if someone walks into Rockit wearing your picture on a T-shirt that they made, that might be crossing the line? [Laughs] That might be crossing the line. If it crosses the line into creepiness, I don't want that. But I'm sure that won't happen. [Laughs] How did Hercules, your Chihuahua you say you're obsessed with, react when you told him the good news? Oh, Hercules is very excited. [Laughs] He's very proud to say his mom is the hottest server in Chicago.
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