<a href="">Bistro Campagne</a> in Lincoln Square<br>
<a href="">Bistro Margot</a> in Old Town<br>
<a href="">Bistronomic</a> in the Gold Coast<br>
<a href="">Cafe des Architectes</a> in the Gold Coast<br>
<a href="">Koda Bistro</a> in Beverly<br>
<a href="">La Petite Folie</a> in Hyde Park<br>
<a href="">La Sardine</a> in the West Loop<br>
<a href="">Le Bouchon</a> in Bucktown <b>(pictured)</b><br>
<a href="">Maude's Liquor Bar</a> in the West Loop

Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square
Bistro Margot in Old Town
Bistronomic in the Gold Coast
Cafe des Architectes in the Gold Coast
Koda Bistro in Beverly
La Petite Folie in Hyde Park
La Sardine in the West Loop
Le Bouchon in Bucktown (pictured)
Maude's Liquor Bar in the West Loop

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