Hottest Geek Guys 2014

If you like your men with a little facial hair and a lot of attitude, Joe Moscone is the Geek Guy for you. As head of the PR team for Hasbro's entertainment brands at Hunter PR for the past 8+ years, Joe's got all the inside scoop on toys for Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and many others -- and we all know girls like their toys. He also travels frequently to cons, so it's pretty obvious he gets around in all the right ways. At 6'6", Joe's already a presence when he's in the room, but he's not just a big guy physically. He's got a big heart. He's an avid fundraiser for cancer research and donates his time and energy to several causes. In fact, he's been the top fundraiser for Kicks for the Cure (which is hosted in Chicago by former Bear Greg Olsen) for the last four years and has helped raise $50k total, more than half that himself. Talk about commitment! He's also a big teddy bear. There are some amazing pics of him in a bear suit (for fundraising, not because he's a furry, not that there's anything wrong with that), he's sweet, and he gives amazing hugs. But, it doesn't stop there, He's a big sports fan and, huge plus for Chicago readers, he's a Bears fan. He's smart, he's funny, he has some amazing tattoos and he's got the sort of smile that makes you feel like everything's going to be okay. What makes Joe sexy? Well, aside from the obvious tall, dark and handsome with amazing ink and a killer smile (Rawr) Joe can go toe to toe with pretty much anyone over G.I. Joe, he's a complete Disneyphile and he loves Star Wars. All in all, we're talking about a guy with both brains and brawn. With a huge heart and big feet (bowchikawowow). With a killer beard and a rakish grin.
Elliott Serrano
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