The Hottest Geek Guys of Winter 2013 Edition

Ken Lowery is a native and lifelong Texan, but don't hold that against him. His early geek diet consisted of Siskel & Ebert, reprinted EC comics, and tabletop RPGs, which later evolved into a more nuanced intake of more of the same. Though he had early dreams of being a hard-hitting journalist (or at least a hard-hitting movie critic), he's sidestepped into advertising and the thing for which he is best known: parody Twitter accounts and original web series. Ken is the co-creator of @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter, and the editor of the spin-off book Write More Good. He is also co-creator, co-writer, co-star, and co-fetching-everyone's-Starbucks-order on The Variants, a web comedy series set in a comic book store. He goes by @kenlowery on Twitter, which makes sense, and boy he likes to talk.
Elliott Serrano
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