Weekend of July 11, 2014

<B>July 9-13:</b> Taste of Chicago, Loop<br><br>
<b>July 11-13:</b> <a href="http://chicago.metromix.com/events/mmxchi-windy-city-smokeout-event">Windy City Smokeout</a>, River North<br><br>
<b>July 11-13:</b> Irish American Heritage Festival, Irving Park<br><br>
<b>July 11-13:</b> <A HREF="http://chicago.metromix.com/events/mmxchi-square-roots-3-event">Square Roots</a>, Lincoln Square<br><br>
<b>July 12-13:</b> <http://chicago.metromix.com/events/mmxchi-west-fest-2-event">West Fest</A>, West Town<br><br>
<b>July 12-13:</b> Summer on Southport, Lakeview<br><br>
<b>July 12-13:</b> <a href="http://chicago.metromix.com/events/mmxchi-roscoe-village-burger-fest-1-event">Roscoe Village Burger Fest</a>, Roscoe Village

( Chuan D. Vo/For RedEye / June 5, 2013 )

July 9-13: Taste of Chicago, Loop

July 11-13: Windy City Smokeout, River North

July 11-13: Irish American Heritage Festival, Irving Park

July 11-13: Square Roots, Lincoln Square

July 12-13: West Fest, West Town

July 12-13: Summer on Southport, Lakeview

July 12-13: Roscoe Village Burger Fest, Roscoe Village

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