"The Bully Project" (U.S.)

*** (out of four) "Hell is other people," wrote Sartre. Few feel this as acutely as kids who are victims of bullying, and this documentary features plenty of deeply disturbing footage in which hallways, school buses, parking lots and classrooms are home to acts of cruelty between student and student and even teacher and student. Director Lee Hirsch's movie, which at times seems like a feature-length episode of MTV's "True Life" series, is all anecdotes; it would have been worth including statistics about bullying and its associated tragedies as well as evidence of progress that's being made in some places--if there are even examples of that, which I hope there are. Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project receives no mention in "Bully" either, but the film stands as a powerful document of what's happening and who it's happening to. Anyone who went--or will one day go--to middle school should find it hard to watch. See it: 7 p.m. Oct. 11
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