Riff Music Lounge

Kevin Coval, 38, poet / director of non-profit Young Chicago Authors What brings you out tonight? I'm here to support Nico (Donnie Trumpet) and I read a poem at the top of the show. I'm certainly going to miss him when he moves to L.A. What are you drinking tonight and why? I'm not drinking tonight. I am drinking water and it's very refreshing. Normally, I drink whiskey. It's delicious and goes down smooth. My favorite whiskey, if they have it, is Redbreast. Tell me more about your non-profit. We're Young Chicago Authors and the poetry festival that we throw, Louder Than a Bomb, is the largest poetry gathering on the planet. I started it fourteen years ago along with poets, teachers and students who wanted to create a different kind of cultural space in Chicago where young people can gather and share their stories across every imaginable boundary. Did you have any resolutions you're still working on? I want to make good rituals to make good habits. I'm just trying to get to the gym more and sit in the chair more. Writers have got to sit in the chair.
Leon Andrew Hensley/For RedEye
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