'What's Your Number?' review: First write a funny movie, then worry about who's in it

RedEye movie critic

** (out of four)

If casting was everything, scripts could be scribbled by toddlers and it wouldn't matter. Not the case. The latest proof is “What’s Your Number?,” which collects many people capable of being hysterical (Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ari Graynor, Chris Pratt, Eliza Coupe, Joel McHale, Andy Samberg, Thomas Lennon) for shaky, mostly unfunny material you'd never think came from ex-writers of “The Simpsons” and “Scrubs.” With the help of her womanizing neighbor (Evans), Ally (Faris) searches for her exes, “High Fidelity”-style, hoping one will prove to be the ONE. That way Ally will follow the example of her younger sister (Graynor), who’s about to marry one of her own exes, while keeping her number of sexual partners at only about twice the national average for women. “What’s Your Number?” recognizes the gender-based double standard about sexual conquests and then buys into it, though there’s nothing wrong with Ally’s decision to reserve her heart and her goods for someone who deserves them. On the other hand, she’s a self-involved wreck who doesn’t think twice about interrupting a stranger’s wedding and receives assistance from a guy who hides from women he sleeps with. That’s a pair who deserves each other for unpleasant reasons.

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