'The Social Network'

**** (out of four) What we said:"Ruthless? 'The Social Network' is deliciously vicious. Funny? Yes, but 'acidic' fits better. The usually nicer Eisenberg, in a devilishly clever performance that turns tiny smirks into silent blades, transforms into a fiercely competitive enigma driven by resentment that protects his longing for acceptance. Addictively entertaining and ridiculously smart, the film features perfect turns from Garfield, Timberlake and Hammer while presenting friendly efforts in the context of a fallout. Through tart language and an honestly cynical look at how business can become so aggressively personal, 'The Social Network' tremendously captures a detached-yet-connected Internet age in which people often remain friends online long after the real relationship has dissolved." -- Matt Pais
Merrick Morton/Sony
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