Victor Aguilar, 34, Belmont Central

What is your tie to Ecuador? Both my parents are from Ecuador and I travel to visit Ecuador every year. And I am a huge Ecuadorian soccer fan.

Why are you an Ecuador fan?

It's in my blood. My father is a fan, and his father was a fan and before him his father was a fan. I have no interest in being disowned—everyone in my family is a fan of Ecuador soccer.

What do you love about your team?

They are the hardest working team out there. Sure, we may not be the most talented team full of superstars, but these guys work hard and get the job done.

How big would you say the Ecuador team fan base in Chicago?¿

It's huge, you can't be Ecuadorian without being an Ecuadorian soccer fan. Smaller than Mexico's fan base in Chicago, but definitely bigger than the Cameroon fan base in Chicago.

Where do you like to watch games?

Mi Ciudad restaurant or La Pena restaurant.

Our team will win the World Cup because … they want to win for Christian Benitez. Benitez was one of our best players whose life was tragically cut short when he died last year and it hit the team hard.

Our team's most common yell/chant is … "Si se puede!"

During games, we have to drink/eat … Ceviche and hornado with some Pilsener [Ecuadorian PBR].

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