Pickle tots at Trenchermen

$12 at Trenchermen

"We love fried pickles, and we love tater tots, so why not bring the two together?" That's the simple explanation chef Mike Sheerin gives for the genesis of Trenchermen's pickle tots, a bar snack that he and fellow chef (and brother) Patrick Sheerin dreamed up for their Wicker Park restaurant, which opened last summer. The chefs crush Vienna kosher dill pickles and add them to the potato hash, then deep fry them. "They're super-crunchy on the outside," Mike said. "But they have a creamy center with a second crunch of the acidity and brininess from the pickle." A swipe of red onion Greek yogurt and a thin ribbon of cured chicken breast complete the appetizer portion -- or try the tots alongside the bar's new burger.

Barry Brecheisen for RedEye
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