Shane Duffy

Says Style: As owner of Hott and Handy, Shane Duffy the point person for the company, bringing in the clients and ensuring they are happy with the job from start to finish. Having recruited his handy model friends for the business, Shane is the only one who can keep them all in line, especially when any problems arise during a redesign. The idea for this business venture came to Shane a few years ago, when he was doing general handyman work between modeling gigs and a client called him "hot and handy." Now, he has offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. As a model, he has become one of the most sought-after face and body-parts models and has been featured in national and international campaigns for GNC, Johnny Walker, Banana Republic, ASICS, Marlboro and Under Armour, among others. In addition, Duffy is the current face and spokesmodel for Daniel Dolce Italy, a collection of exclusive dress shirts, neckties, cufflinks and other personal accessories. From Texas, Shane served in the National Guard and is an Afghan War vet who spends time volunteering with the USO. Sorry, no shirtless Shane pics!
John Russo/Style
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