Brian Anderson, 32, South Loop

Brian Anderson, 32, South Loop

JERSEY: Jeremy Roenick, No. 27 (1988-96)

Your name is?

Brian Anderson.

And you play center field for the White Sox, is it? [Laughs.]

I used to. [Smiles.] However, I'm a Cubs fan, and the guy would not sign my license. I actually asked him.

You asked Brian Anderson to sign …

My license.

Your driver's license?

Yeah, I gave it to him when he was coming out of a Sox game once, and he wouldn't sign it for me.

That's bizarre. [Pause.] OK, so tell me about your Jeremy Roenick jersey.

I have two Roenick jerseys. Growing up, Roenick was – come on, '93, that was when I was playing hockey as a young kid, and whenever I see a Roenick jersey on ebay, I buy that jersey—I mean, value-wise, I'll buy that jersey.

So bought this one, and it actually ended up happening that during the playoffs two years ago, I wore it to a playoff game, and one of my friends was sitting in a box in front of Roenick. He yelled at me to come get it signed, because he was sitting down there and he knew I just bought it. Got that one signed, and then the next game I took my dad to the game, and I get another phone call to come downstairs because Roenick's sitting in a box behind one of my other friends. I have two Roenick jerseys that are signed. Back-to-back games.

Hilary Higgins/RedEye
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