What are your go-to bars/restaurants?

Barn & Company. It's exactly like Firehaus. Everybody knows your name, it's got the "I feel classy" feel, but really it's awesome for cheap drinks, and I legit see someone I know every time. Regardless if I like them or not.

What should you order?

Whatever is free. We entry-level folk don't make the big bucks to be picky. I take what I can get cheap or free.

What landmarks remind you of campus?

When I look out my building at the Aon Center, I see construction at Millennium Park. That reminds me of campus. A familiar sign on campus: "Sidewalk closed until 2014."

How would you spend your downtime?

I spend my time with the same old frat boys I did all four years of college, just now they have jobs. I watch them play "FIFA" or "Call of Duty." Barf, but I keep comin' back.

--Eileen Meyer

24, Lincoln Park, @eileen_meyer

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