#1: Ohio State fans

Who else could be No. 1? Besides being that school from "Revenge of the Nerds" except every student and alum is Ogre, the best part about the Buckeyes is that they exemplify something I like to call "The blind we" better than any other team in the conference. The "blind we" is the privilege to process only the positives about a program while completely ignoring the negatives, however large they might be. Ohio State fans will talk your ear off about being the "real" national champions last year "except for that BS we had to go through." And now they've got the patron saint of hypocrisy Urban Mayer strutting around like Ric Flair in '87 adding to the smugness. That guy is the worst. You know how bad Ohio State fans are? Fans of Florida find them obnoxious. PEOPLE WHO ROOT FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FIND SOMEONE ELSE OBNOXIOUS. Oh, and they'll probably win the conference this year. UGHHHHHHHHHH!
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