3 Chicago authors drop books today


Forget the "Second City" nickname. Chicago is the Witty City. Three local authors are releasing books today: rapper Common, Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert and Dan Sinker, the man behind the @MayorEmanuel twitter handle fictionally ascribed to the real Mayor Emanuel.

RedEye read between the lines and marked interesting passages from the books.

>> Common: "Here is where my parents’ stories diverge. 'He took us out the house at gunpoint, handcuffed me to the front seat, put you in the back, and started driving across the country to Seattle,' my mother says.

'You and your mother got in the front seat with me,' my father recalls, 'and we started out on Interstate 90 heading West.'"

>> Ebert: "My blog became my voice, my outlet, my 'social media' in a way I couldn't have dreamed of. Into it I poured my regrets, desires, and memories. Some days I became possessed. The comments were a form of feedback I'd never had before, and I gained a better and deeper understanding of my readers."

>> Sinker: "Bleep."

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