100 Years Ago: Dawn of the automobile age put animals used for transportation on the market

100 Years Ago

More horse power

"Horses, Mares, Mules; Sold for Want of Use" was the headline of an ad in the Times:

" 10 Mares, 15 Horses, 2 Mares in foal, 5 Top Wagons, 2 Trucks, lot of harnesses will be sold regardless of cost. 20 Days guarantee with each animal. Used by Chesapeake Oyster & Fish. Co., during the past season. apply at Stables 205 S. Paca St. Baltimore, Md."

Guess the auto was taking the animals' jobs and they were hoping to sell in rural Howard County, where original horse power was still in use.

75 Years Ago

Rale against traffic

More parking in downtown Ellicott City was the focus of an article in the Times that week:

"Two Frame Buildings At Depot Yard To Be Razed In Near Future; Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Gives Thirty Days To Tenants - Parking Problem Of Town Will Be Aided By Improvement

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has given notice to the two one-story frame buildings on Main Street at the Depot Yard in Ellicott City to vacate the premises within thirty days. The action follows work on the part of the Retail Merchants Association toward improvements of parking conditions in the county seat. A Committee consisting of Postmaster Michael J. Sullivan, Charles E. Miller and Isaac H. Taylor was appointed to investigate the matter. Following a visit of the committee to the railroad company the notice to vacate was given.

In addition to the B&O the committee called on the Baltimore Transit Company seeking some solution to the difficulties arising from the street car traffic in Ellicott City. Officials have, however, stated that although a study of the problem shows that it is impossible for them at the present time to consider substitution of the bus service through Ellicott City. ... ."

50 Years Ago

Old war news

The Civil War in Howard County

"In observance of the 100th anniversary of the War between the States, the Times, through the assistance and cooperation of Centennial committee of the Howard County Historical Society, will bring you information about local people and places during these turbulent years.

Anyone having in his possession letters, clippings or photographs pertaining to Howard County during the years 1861-1865 is urged to contact Louis D. Clark VA 5-4559 or Mrs. Clifford F. Shaw KE -1-5110."

Reprint from Century Edition of the Times:

"Sympathy for the South ran high in Howard County during the War Between the States and shortly after the opening of the conflict the county's best young men ran the blockade into Virginia to cast their lot with General Robert E. Lee. After serving in other units of Lee's army, about 50 of these men were united with other Marylanders in Company A. First Maryland Calvary, C.S.A.

At the start of the war there was no unit of Maryland cavalry in the Confederate army so these Howard Countians enlisted in company K. First Virginia Calvary under George R. Gaither for a period of one year. In the spring of 1862 a number of members of Company K went to Gordonsville and enlisted in the Second Virginia Calvary for the duration of the war. Under Captain (later Colonel) Ridgely Brown of Montgomery County, they comprised Company B of the regiment and were detailed as bodyguard for General Longstreet.

During the fall of 1862, after a raid into Maryland Captain Brown took his company to Stasburg on the Valley Pike where they met more Maryland companies under George M. Emac. There the First Maryland Battalion of Calvary, D.S.A. was formed. ...

Among the battalion's many engagements was a skirmish in 1864 with General Sheridan's forces. ... They kept the Union troops busy until daybreak, thereby saving Richmond which was poorly guarded at that time. Company A. had several casualties in this action, among them being John Harding and David Clark of Howard County."

At a time when communications was difficult and soldiers' names were linked to their home towns and counties, it was probably helpful that just 10 years before the Civil War, the Howard county area became an official county, narrowing down the identification process a bit. Up until that time, the area was a district, part of Anne Arundel County.

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