Burning girl dives into brook to douse flames

An article in the May 17, 1913, edition of The Argus commended a young girl for keeping her wits in an emergency situation.

The presence of mind of 8-year-old Isabelle Smith, of Cedar Hill, near St. Denis, probably saved her life about 6 o'clock Saturday evening when, with her clothes a mass of flames, due to playing with a pile of burning railroad ties, she ran to a brook near by and plunged headlong into the water.

Isabelle and several other girls of about her own age were playing near the railroad and were attracted by the burning pyre of ties. The child lost her balance and fell across the outside ties, which formed the largest blaze. She was badly burned on the shoulders and legs, but will recover.


Residents of Catonsville have complained to the Catonsville police about boys of the village destroying the nests and young of robins and other song birds. The police have taken the matter up and will enforce the game laws.


The boys of the Belmont Corn Club connected with Johnnycake School, near Catonsville, are showing great activity with corn planting. They are competing for a loving cup to be awarded in the fall among the boy corn clubs in Baltimore county.


The athletic field in the rear of the Catonsville High School is being regraded by the athletic association of the school. A tennis court and a track course are being added to the present play grounds.

75 Years Ago

An article in the May 13, 1938, edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian announced requirements for starting pre-school.

Physical examination of children who will enter school next fall will be held on Monday, May 16, at the Thirteenth District Public Health Center, Fairview avenue, Halethorpe, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

This examination, which will be conducted by Dr. Walter Carmine, Assistant County Health Officer, is for all children of pre-school age who will attend either the Halethorpe school or Ascension parochial school. The examination is free of charge.


The annual carnival of the Arbutus Community Association will be held this year from June 11 to June 18 on the association's grounds, Stevens Avenue, Arbutus, Joseph A. Stock, president, announced today.

The carnival committee, headed by John H. Coppage, is arranging many new and unusual attractions in addition to the rides, bingo, games and dances that are old standbys. A figure contest for Baltimore County beauties will be on of the main attractions.


Halethorpe was shocked to learn of the sudden death of James Chambers, colored, of Northeast avenue, a genial ice man who has served the community. He died last Sunday from a heart attack.


Although the season is still in its youth, and predictions as to the outcome of the Southwestern County League race are a little premature, it appears that the Lansdowne nine, with the good pitching of Ace Weisenborn, is the club to beat. However, with only three weeks of play to base an opinion on, it would be sufficient to say that Catonsville, Ellicott City, Dayton, Savage, Elkridge and all the rest have plenty of material and the race can be nip-and-tuck throughout.

50 Years Ago

An article in the May 16, 1963, edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported safety issues created the need for a new location for the area's Fourth of July festivities.

Crowded conditions caused by construction underway at Catonsville Junior High School will force the Catonsville Celebrations Committee to move this year's Fourth of July celebration to a new location.

Holiday safety was the main reason for starting the celebration 17 years ago and safety is the reason for the decision to relocate now. The committee was reluctant to stage the fireworks display before more than 50,000 people under the present conditions.

John J. Meyers, chief fire investigator for the State Fire Marshal's Office, was invited to the Celebrations Committee meeting on Monday of this week and declared that the junior high school site would not be safe for fireworks this year. The committee unanimously voted to move.


Due to popular demand from girls in Catonsville, the Catonsville Recreation and Parks Council has announced that it is starting a girls softball league. Registrations will be taken on Monday, May 20, beginning at 6:30 P.M. on the Catonsville Elementary School grounds. Registrations are open to all girls in the Catonsville area between the ages of 10 and 14 years. There will be a registration fee of $1.00 to help off-set the cost of equipment.


William H. Kellum of Montgomery avenue had gone to his mother's home at Claridge road on May 10 at 10 P.M. to open the windows after a storm and as he was going up the stairs, he told police, a young man ran from behind a bedroom door, struck him, knocking him to the floor and fled. Mr. Kellum gave chase on Claridge road but lost the man in the darkness. Dogs in the house did not bark at the intruder.


Wilkens police are seeking a man described as over six feet tall, about 40 to 45 years old and weighing about 190 pounds who apparently removed the purses of three women shoppers on May 11 at a ten cent store on the Baltimore National Pike.

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