Letter: Catonsville developer broke the law

Get full picture of how Catonsville developer broke the law

Go to the website of the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor ( and read the press release on the statement of facts to which Steve Whalen pleaded guilty. It can be found on the left hand column of the home page.

It paints a vivid picture of how Steve Whalen and Councilman Tom Quirk do business with one another. It's not a pretty picture.

Mr. Whalen stepped into that long line of developers who broke the law for their own gain.

It is ironic that Mr. Whalen chose to violate Maryland law at the same time he is working to get a piece of state property for his Promenade project, which he needs to cancel.

In my opinion, he no longer has the legitimacy to claim a part of Catonsville's heritage for his own.

Steve Garrison


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