Letter: Papers please? No thanks


Senate Bill 412 [requiring an election judge to establish a voter's identity by requiring the voter to present specified proof of identity] is dead on arrival. You have to remember that your bill can affect each and every voter in the State of Maryland. Where are the indigent suppose to get the 15 bucks to get a photo ID from the Motor Vehicle Administration? Where are they to get the money to purchase the proof that MVA requires? Utility bill? What utility bill? My wife's name isn't on ours.

Naturalization papers cost money. Do the indigent have credit card statements? Not in my world.  Property tax statement? Get real. Even if they have proper ID, where does the money come from to get to the polls? Some of these people walk to the corner grocery store where they pay exorbitant prices for food. They are stuck in their hell holes. So go right ahead and make their lives even more miserable. They won't even be able to vote you out office. 

Roger L. Kegley


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