2011 Harford County 4-H Livestock Sale results

The following are the results of the 2011 Harford County 4-H Livestock Sale held at the Farm Fair on Saturday, July 30.

Results are listed by animal category, and include the name of the seller first, the buyer and the price paid.


Andrew Wood, The Borkoski Family, $339; Anne Maxwell, Brothers Berries, $305.10; Josiah Beichler, Brothers Berries, $297; Ashley Beichler, Dr. James and Rose Brayton, $347.10; Alisa Schaedel, Cool Rein Farm, 657.90; Emily Klein, Cows on the Loose, $472; Matthias Beichler, Charles Daughton, $201.60; Emma Stump, Charles Edwards Family, $325.50; Melissa Grimmel, Giant Rock Spring, $816.75; Maggie Holloway, Dr. Andrew and Kim Holloway, $759; Rachel Wakefield, Henry Holloway, $366.30; Taylor Dawson, Family of Robert Hooper, $648; Chelsea Dawson, Family of Robert Hooper, $625; Katie Stump, The Kelly Group, $441; Ned Maxwell, Bryan and Kathy Kelly, $257.50; Cassie Daney, Bryan and Kathy Kelly, $427; Kelly Foulk, Bryan and Kathy Kelly, $424; Emily Klein, Madonna Veterinary Clinic, $304.80; Amos Beichler, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, $297.60; Maddy Fraiji, Nelson Bus Company, $452; Amelia Beichler, Nutramax, $218.40; Maddy Fraiji, Ruff's Chance Farm, $302.40; Margaret Stump, The Mill Bel Air, $479.70; Brooke Rickey, Troyer Farms LLC, $277.20; and Anne Maxwell, Neil and Carol Helfrich, $378.

Also, Paige Rickey, Jack and Posie Thompson, $390.60; Ellie Daney, Scott Gibson, $636; Sarah Schneider, Ellen Cutler, $356.40; Megan Foulk, Bernie Muth, $588; Kelly Foulk, James Foulk, $719.80; and Christina Condict, Larry Johnson, $423.50.


Margaret Stump, Bowman's Butcher Shop, $2,202; Timothy Hopkins, Friends of Dave Craig, $2,113.20; Luke Schneider, Deer Creek Beef, $1,908.80; Tyler Van Deusen, Ferrell Fuel, $1,546.90; Lauren Kidd, Foxborough Inc., $1,723.40; Melissa Grimmel, Giant Rock Spring, $3,921.50; Mark Holloway, Dr. Andrew and Kim Holloway, $2,873; Paul Johnson, Family of Robert Hooper, $1,672.50; Lauren Johnson, Family of Robert Hooper, $1,646.50; Olivia Huber, Family of Robert Hooper, $1,560; Beth Johnson, Walter Johnson, $1,340.55; Lauren Johnson, Bryan Kilby - Jones Junction, $2,075.20; Mark Holloway, Klein's ShopRite, $3,903; Christina Ports, Hickory Chance Beef, $1,539.15; Grace Graham, Delegate Wayne Norman, $1,556.10; Josiah Beichler, Nutramax, $2,352.80; Megan Beichler, Nutramax, $2,158.40; Amy Poteet, Saubel Markets, $2,081.60; Jordan Sommer, Shane and Jackie Smithson, $2,939.05; Tyler Van Deusen, Weeks Family, $1,729.50; Benjamin Sullivan, Verdant Valley Farm Jim Franzo, $2,079.40; Maggie Holloway, Mike Boyle and Family, $2,112; TJ Raab, Hickory Chance Beef, $1,747.20; Nathan Holloway, Billy and Barbara Boniface, $2,075.45; and Paul Johnson, Thompson Valley Farm, $1,924.50.


Lizzy Kilby, Bel Air Auto Auction, $1,319.70; Samantha Borkoski, The Borkoski Family, $602.50; Josh Barben, Bridgeview Farm, $932.40; Beth Johnson, Bridgeview Farm, $768; Brynn Schaedel, Clark Sales and Service, $666.40; Josh Barben, Clear Meadow Farm, $774.40; Emily Miller, Cool Rein Farm, $647.50; Sarah Burton, Friends of Dave Craig, $694.40; Rebecca Driver, Friends of Dave Craig, $666.40; Helen Boniface, Friends of Dave Craig, $1,210; Ben Kefauver, Creswell Lime, $976.80; Bobby Burton, Curves of Whiteford J'ville, $564; Cole Schneider, Ferrell Family Properties, $768.90; Paul Johnson, Foulk Family, $756.90; Alisa Schaedel, Foulk Family, $623.70; Holly Miller, Foxborough Inc., $844.80; Sarah Driver, Foxborough Nursery Inc., $575; Maggie Holloway, Giant Rock Spring, $1,197; Nathan Holloway, Hart to Heart Ambulance, $982.80; Emily Wakefield, Kerry Hochstein, $887.40; Ariel Taxdal, Holloway Brothers, $600; Travis Moore, Holloway Eye Care, $734.70; Hanna Schneider, Dr. Andrew and Kim Holloway, $846.60; Mark Holloway, Henry Holloway, $722.40; and Rachel Wakefield, Henry Holloway, $707.60.

Also, Helen Boniface, Family of Robert Hooper, $895.40; Amy Poteet, Family of Robert Hooper, $765; Beth Johnson, Family of Robert Hooper, $722.10; Travis Moore, Family of Robert Hooper, $716.10; Zachary Doran, Family of Robert Hooper, $661.20; Kim Doran, Joan Ryder and Associates, $592.80; Luke Schneider, Joan Ryder and Associates, $572.50; Lauren Johnson, Walter Johnson, $259.60; Rachel Wakefield, Walter Johnson, $252; Jack Boniface, Jones Junction - Bryan Kilby, $1,048; Isabella Grifasi, The Kelly Group, $833.90; Lizzy Kilby, The Kelly Group, $1,922; Nathan Klein, Klein's ShopRite, $600; Luke Schneider, Mid Atlantic Supply LLC, $510.30; Sarah Schneider, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, $579.80; Paul Sawyers, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, $501.60; Hannah Archer, Moag and Company, $1,310; Tommy Holmes, Mt. Felix Farm, $644.80; Bethany Boniface, Nutramax, $942.40; Tara Miller, Nutramax, $713.40; Logan Miller, Nutramax, $669.60; Jack Boniface, Nutramax, $775; Hannah Archer, Ramsey Ford Lincoln, $1,071; Emily Lewis, Rigdon Farms, $644; and Holly Driver, Ruff's Transportation, $632.80.

Also, Jonathan Stewart, Saubel Markets, $538.20; Emily Miller, Bill Schilling, $968; Lauren Kidd, Shadow Springs Farm, $490.60; Zachary Doran, The Mill Bel Air, $582.50; Ian Moore, The Mill Bel Air, $711; Logan Miller, The Mill Bel Air, $576; Belle Dallam, Thomas Run Tree Service, $723.20; Olivia Huber, Andrew Thompson, $622.50; Tommy Reeves, Troyer Farms LLC, $2,340; Nathan Klein, Upper Crossroads Baptist Church, $564; Rebecca Driver, Waffle Hill, $658; Emily Wakefield, Adele Wakefield, $961.20; Lauren Johnson, Walter G. Coale Inc., $880; Rachel Wakefield, Wengers of Meyerstown, $637; Jonathan Stewart, Willard Agri-Service Inc., $711.20; Elizabeth Driver, Hillside Lawn Service, $693; Amy Poteet, Ma and Pa Farms LLC, $790.50; Melvin Huber, R1 Contracting, $570; Lauren Kidd, Channel Seed Company, $623.70; Matthew Miller, Michael Schneider, $616.20; Bethany Boniface, Gessner and Snee, $959.40; Sara Forcey, Jack and Posie Thompson, $592.80; Katie Poteet, Jack and Posie Thompson, $609.60; Tommy Holmes, Preferred Lawns Inc., $672.80; and TJ Raab, Fountain Green Supply, $622.50.

Also, Isabella Grifasi, Morgan Rickey, $201; Madie Poteet, Chassagnes Concrete, $1,021.80; Katie Poteet, Chassagnes Concrete, $1,057.80; Brennan Stewart, Harford County Young Farmers, $207; Grace Forcey, Senator J.B. Jennings, $580; Kayla Smithson, John Ray, $605.80; Kayla Smithson, Elie Fraiji, $968; Melissa Grimmel, Blue Valley Farm, $921.40; and Tommy Reeves, DMT Investments LLC, $1,673.


Ned Maxwell, The Borkoski Family, $300; Andrew Wood, The Borkoski Family, $210; Timothy Hopkins, Bridgeview Farm, $340; Michael Wood, Bridgeview Farm, $200; Travis Adkins, Donna Stifler Campaign Fund, $400; Jeremy Adkins, State Senator Barry Glassman, $500; Eamon Mulligan Highview Farms, $210; Noah Sekowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, $250; Anne Maxwell, Raab Run Farm, $230; Corey Adkins, Smart Energy Systems, $250; Matthias Beichler, $200; Ellie Daney, Friends of Derek Hopkins, $225; and Cassie Daney, Scott Gibson, $250.

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