If you need it, use new health insurance law [Editorial]

Lost in all the yammering over Obamacare and its embarrassment to the president are at least two points that shouldn't be overlooked.

First, it's the law of the land. As such, the only way to scuttle Obamacare is by legislating it out of business, not by shutting down the federal government. Creating a government shutdown is a toxic maneuver condemned by reasonable people in both major political parties.

Second, there are people across this land, particularly in Harford County, who don't have health insurance. They don't have health insurance because they either can't afford it, or can't otherwise acquire it. Whatever the reason, being a patient or a family without health insurance in today's world of medicine is no place to be.

Is the so-called Obamacare the answer? Who knows? Most likely the myriad of problems with its federal web site has only delayed the start of another government boondoggle.

Many federal government programs fall way short of the idealistic goals that launched them. Obamacare might be no different. There's no reason to expect this foray into mandated health insurance to be a paragon of efficiency.

With that said, it's the law, it's being implemented and, undoubtedly, there are many, many folks in Harford County and beyond who want to use it to become insured.

To that end, Maryland has been a bit proactive and health department officials have been touring the state with a shiny, new vehicle promoting health insurance options in the state.

The "Maryland Health Connection" van visited Harford County last week trying to increase public awareness of the state's program and the public's options.

In Harford County, "assisters" have been set up to help navigate the tangle of the new health insurance. They can be reached in Aberdeen at 34 N. Philadelphia Blvd. at 443-753-5409; in Bel Air at 120 S. Hays St. at 443-752-4213; or in Edgewood at 1321 Woodbridge Station Way at 443-752-4105.

Health insurance is available to everyone and we encourage people to somehow get past the controversy and use it if you need it. The way to get started is to contact one of those "assisters."

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