Acura RDX On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson

The new 2013 Acura RDX seemed large when sitting in our garage. I called it a big bruiser at first, but it didn’t seem all that big once I began driving it.  While on the road, it’s easily managed and thoroughly pleasant.

The interior is nicely done with soft-touch surfaces at the most likely contact points. Even the cargo area is nicely finished and the split and folding rear seats are easily folded. The optional power tailgate is also handy.

The seats are comfortable and I really liked the layout of the controls in the central part of the instrument panel. The audio and navigation systems are at an easily- seen eye level. The heater and air conditioner panel is a little lower, but the RDX has automatic temperature control, so, in theory, you only have to set it once.

Our review RDX also had the optional Technology Package. Among its features is a GPS link and sun intensity monitor that plots the sun’s position relative to the vehicle. The climate control system compensates to keep passengers on the sunny side just as comfortable as those who are shaded from the sun. The climate control can also be operated by voice commands.

The RDX offers good views all around for a shorter driver. The standard backup camera is a must. A surprise in this class, however, is the absence of features such as blind spot alert and a lane departure warning system, even on the options list. An active cruise control also isn’t offered.

The EPA numbers are higher and our results would support this improvement. The last RDX went 20 miles-per- gallon. The new one achieved 22 mpg in our hands.


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