Woman arrested after throwing 'Ninja stars' at brother

A Florida woman was arrested after chasing her younger brother down a street and reportedly throwing several metal 'ninja' stars at him.

Kimberly Martinez, 25, was arrested on felony aggravated assault charges on the night of Oct. 30 for allegedly battering her brother Randy, 21.

The brother and sister had an argument Wednesday evening about their younger sister having a boy over to their Fellsmere home, according to an Indian River County Sheriff's arrest report. Randy did not like the idea, while Kimberly said it was okay.

According to the report, the argument escalated around midnight Oct. 30 when Kimberly "started to hit and choke Randy" and attempted to put out a lit cigarette on his face.

After Randy fled the residence, Kimberly followed and "started to throw metal ninja stars at him," but missed in several attempts.

Kimberly was held in lieu of $21,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.



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